World Wide Think Tank: Online, Real-Time Meetings

The WWTT will meet online in a real-time virtual space (Blackboard Collaborate) on a regular basis. These meetings will provide an opportunity for students to present ideas, discuss issues and make decisions about the activity of the group. These meetings will be held in different timezones to allow all students and teachers to attend most times.
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Guidelines for Presenters

Some of the online meetings will include presentations from students as a way of sharing information and resources, and as a way of encouraging conversations, discussions and eventually actions around certain topics and issues. Make sure you read presenting an issue for discussion. Here are some essential Guidelines for presenting in Blackboard Collaborate.

Meeting Schedule

The following table will include essential meeting information. New meetings are to be added to the top of the table. Further information prior to and following on from each meeting will be available in SpotX.

Global Meeting #2
Week starting January 28 - Date TBC

Leadership Meeting #1
Week starting January 21 - Date TBC

Global Meeting # 1
December 3, 2012
3:30-4:30pm Buenos Aires
Check YOUR time zone
1. Gaza situation overview (TGS).
2. Kenya: GM crops to feed communities & conflict with religious beliefs (CWLC).
3. Introductions from other students.
4. General discussion and a call for more student leaders.
Yada, Paul, Hannah: TGS
THINK Global School
Christopher Whitehead Language School
Meeting 1
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