Online Community

The World Wide Think Tank will meet in a platform called SPOTX. This is being developed by THINK Global School as a platform for global collaboration. It will include the WWTT group as well as other groups for other projects.

We invite you to JOIN SPOTX and JOIN the WWTT group and become part of the WWTT online community. It is in SPOTX that you will be able to initiate and/or participate in discussions, share media, and connect with other students and teachers globally. Questions about SPOTX can be directed to the THINK Global School IT Manager, Mike Hourahine.

How to Join SPOTX

  • Go to -
  • Select 'Click here to Get started' OR if you are a teacher you may prefer to select 'Request school registration code'
  • Fill in necessary information and wait for the site moderator to approve your membership

Please note SPOTX is public, but membership is moderated. Therefore when you request to join make sure you clearly identify yourself to us.