Presenting in a Virtual Room - Blackboard Collaborate

When you present or lead a discussion in the virtual room, Blackboard Collaborate, here are some essential guidelines for success:
  • Prepare slides beforehand to have visuals to back your presentation:
    • PowerPoint can be used - file must be less than 8MB (Keynote or Prezi cannot be loaded)
    • It is best to SAVE your PPT as images and load those collectively from a folder - it saves time
    • Or you can create image collages (also using PPT, or photoshop etc) and load them from a folder all at once
  • Make sure you get into the room early to check your audio and to load and media you want to show
  • USE HEADPHONES! This is important - your sound will be echoed if you do not
  • Ask to be made a moderator, if you are not one already. Only moderators can upload content to the whiteboard
  • Make sure you can use the microphone, the chat window and can write on the whiteboard
  • Make sure you know how to turn the TALK button on and off to be able to speak and pass the microphone to someone else